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Welcome to GLA

The Green Lantau Association (GLA) is a registered society formed in 1989 whose mission is to protect, and educate people about the natural environment of Lantau Island.

We monitor development plans and projects, lobby for better legal protection of the environment and publish a members newsletter four times a year.

We are a small voluntary group of mainly Lantau residents and regret that due to lack of resources we can only answer queries by email or by post. Please contact us at or at Green Lantau Association, Tai O Post Office Box 6, Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China.

About GLA

GLA was formed in 1989 inspired by opposition to ExxonMobil - China Light and Power’s proposal to build a 6000 Megawatt coal-fired power plant at Fan Lau, the beautiful and historic area at the south-west tip of Lantau Island. Fan Lau is still untouched and GLA is still fighting to save as much of the rest of the island as it can. All of GLA’s work is undertaken by volunteers independently of external funding.

Some of the groups accomplishments are:

  • Protection and restoration of an illegal dumpsite in the heart of the Wong Lung Hang Valley, in Tung Chung.
  • Spurring the Environmental Protection Department to prosecute parties responsible for discharges of contaminated liquids into water catchment areas on the Ngong Ping plateau, in the Tai O area.
  • Protection of ecologically valuable fish ponds in Luk Tei Tong, Mui Wo from in-filling.
  • Closure of numerous illegal dumpsites along South Lantau Road and Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road.
  • Requesting and obtaining the provision by the Home Affairs Department (HAD) of hill fire warning signs and fire beater racks at rural cemeteries on Lantau Island, Peng Chau Island and Cheung Chau Island.
  • Submission of a complaint to the Ombudsman about breaches of EIAs and regulations in many airport core projects. The Ombudsman upheld part of the complaint and instructed government departments responsible for the damage to restore affected country areas.
  • Publication of a “Lantau Conservation Strategy” in July 1998, with five other green groups.
  • Submission of a complaint to the Director of Audits and the Ombudsman about environmental problems and inappropriate use of government funds in Rural Planning and Improvement Strategy works.
  • Submission of comments on the environmental impact assessments of various major infrastructure projects including the Disney Themepark and the widening of Tung Chung Road.
  • Presentation to the Town Planning Board (TPB) on various land use plans, including Tung Chung New Town and Discovery Bay.
  • Lobbying and obtaining the reversal of a decision by the Hong Kong Government to build a super-prison on land to be reclaimed off Hei Ling Chau Island.
  • Lobbying and securing the refusal of Government to sanction the building by ExxonMobil and China Light and Power (CLP) of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal on the ecologically valuable Soko Islands.
  • Successfully objecting to the Town Planning Board (TPB) on development proposals withing Green Belt.

 This website was last updated on 1st July 2009.